Sonotherapy es un innovador sistema de generación de ultrasonidos aplicado al descanso. Tiene como objetivo la absorción percutánea y dosificación transdérmica, potenciando especialmente la eficacia de medicamentos de uso tópico.


El proyecto ALGAE® tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías que estimulen y potencien la función detoxificante y antioxidante del sueño.


BabyCareSleep aims to develop a tracking system noninvasive baby sleep and an intelligent SIDS prevention and early detection of risk situations control.


Shindo aims to stimulate and accelerate the natural ability of self-healing of the human body in the presence of fatigue and certain injuries or overloads, including superficial muscle contractures.


Cliniconfort® can improve sleep in people with diseases and physical ailments in people with sleep problems and people with professional need to optimize the rest.


Ionizzed® achieved mattresses creating intelligent fabric are impregnated on the surface of microcapsules filled million negative ions.


BabyKeeper® is the first and only crib mattress certified as a medical device for its ability to reduce the risk of sudden death in infants.