The aim of the European Sleep Care Institute (ESCI) is to study and develop new technologies to improve the quality of sleep and rest. ESCI was founded by the union of a number of companies, projects and technological institutes.

We aim to become the leading European institution in developing new products, technologies and services to improve sleep and rest. We also aim to provide a critical, technical voice for European consumers to pursue bad practices in the distribution and promotion of products and services launched in the rest sector with no scientific or technical guarantees to support them.

Thus, ESCI aims to be an industrial property cooperative for the sector, the coordinator and communicator of scientific studies, raising awareness of rest and a collective regulatory body with respect to bad practices in the fields of rest and sleep.

Why it was founded

Modern musculoskeletal problems, diseases, and disorders and the demands of daily life are changing sleep habits and quality among the majority of the population. At the same time, there are an increasing number of studies on the importance of sleep to health, performance and the risk of accident. Research into sleep and rest is one of the most promising fields for innovation and the development of new products, technologies and services.

Mission: to improve people’s rest using innovative technologies based on scientific knowledge and proven results.


The European rest sector has been very closely linked to the industrial development of large companies that have in one way or another influenced suppliers and consumers and, hence, the end market and the perception of rest. Recently, innovation in production processes and state-of-the-art materials, in particular, have seen the rise of competition from young, innovative companies, initiating a new era in awareness-raising and improvement of rest systems.

Thanks to support from European institutions through ERDF funding, a considerable number of companies in the sector came together to boost the creation of a scientific-technical body whose aim is to advance the technological revolution in the sector and raise public awareness regarding quality of rest.

Organizational chart