Shindo is an unobtrusive self-massage method designed to use gravity, horizontal posture and local vibrations as its main strategies. It takes its name from the Japanese word that refers to vibration and has been developed by the European Sleep Care Institute (ESCI) under the supervision of doctor Lirios Dueñas.

The Shindo method combines four self-massage techniques. Three of them are for prevention and analgesia, and the last one aims to accelerate the muscle contracture recovery process:

  • Relaxing massage (acceleration of the muscle contracture recovery process).
  • Relaxing and proprioceptive massage (induction of physiological relaxation and improvement of balance).
  • Lymphatic and circulatory massage (improves drainage and stimulates immune system function).
  • Toning/analgesic massage (prevention of stiffness, muscle aches and contractures).